Affiliate program

Zenit Bookmakers offers bookmaking entrepreneurs and companies an effective solution for opening a betting shop. The Zenit Bookmakers franchise will allow you to create a network of betting shops and further develop your business. Our company provides all the necessary documents compliant with the applicable legislation.

We are offering:

  • Accurate and well-defined procedures for opening the betting shop;
  • Consulting support;
  • Complete package of software that fulfils all requirements in work;
  • Real-time line 24 hrs;
  • Quick online changes;
  • Immediate bet calculation following the end of the matches;
  • Online receiving payment systems;
  • Real-time bet calculation during the matches;
  • Real-time technical support and consultation on current issues;
  • Ability to work with deposit accounts on the site;
  • Constantly updated statistics;
  • Extremely favourable terms of cooperation;

Requirements for participation in the affiliate program:

  • The possession of juridical or natural person;
  • Betting shop organization platform;
  • Mandatory ability to develop the betting shops;
  • The possibility of technical support of betting shop (computers, printers, bar code scanners, monitors, high-quality Internet connection, etc.);
  • Business management skills;
  • The obligatory financial reserve requirement to start the business;

All suggestions are reviewed.

If you have questions feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail request: